I recently entered two horror poem contests. I won third place with the battlefield . I was very happy with third place.





rotting corpses lay

scavenging hounds of hell run

victors marching on






Ghouls feed in graveyard

on disemboweled corpse flesh

evil flows on land

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Happy Halloween to everyone


Thank you to dreamtime for the photo.

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My story is published in Sirens Call.

My knewest Horror story has just come out in the newest issue of the sirens call publication. i want to thank the women that run the sirenscall for taking the time to read and except my story for their publication.

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Thank you to dream time for the photo I just posted with the poem

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autumn is coming


ID-100315424 garden with bridge

a Autumn wind

colored leaves begin

a cold bit in air

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The Daily post one-word prompt “Cheat”

Okay, the word is cheat. There are a dozen images that come to mind. All the way from the guy that cuts in line, the person that switches price tags to the kid peeking in the other kids test page.

Okay, there are so many forms of the word and so many examples . The word basically means something the person does​ to obtain something​ they desire without doing things the right way to obtain it. Okay, could I get any more vague or ambiguous​?

From a sports fan taking some form of steroid​ to enhance their game playing ability​ to the guy forgetting to put down all the undeclared income in the column​ because​ it will put him 5.00 over the line to get medical benefits​ of thousands of dollars.

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Summers End

The end of August. The weather is still hot. But the nights are starting to cool down. the last of the summer flowers are blooming and the apples are starting to get large. I found a dried butterfly in the garden today. A sure sign that​ Summer is coming to an end.
The last crop of figs are starting to ripen and the grapes are ready to eat. Another Summer almost over. Of all the seasons I love Summer the best. I enjoy the hot weather and leaving the windows open at night. The sound of the frogs and crickets singing.
All too soon the weather will change and the storms will start. I will have to start wearing layers of clothes​ again. I will fuss and curse the cold and dream of long forgotten warm summer evenings.

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