A Game of Chance DP

Deep in the mountains the ancient Earth spirits gathered to play an even ancienter game of chance.

The spirit of Earth was all made up in the colors of Brown. The spirit of fire was glowing in Red. The spirit of water shimmered and bubbled  in shades of dark blue and greens.Air of coarse could barely be seen.


The other ancient spirits gathered to watch. The cosmic joker had entered the room and taken the bag off the shelf that contained the sticks. There where eight sticks in the bag. Seven where long and one was short. The thrower  would hold them behind his back and shake them. Letting them drop until he had shaken them three times . Then he brought the sticks forward and threw them down. Each player could bet on how many sticks would be thrown or if the short stick would be left in them. This way each player had two chances to stay in the game.


the first throw went well and all four remained in the game. By the seventh throw fire was out. Next was earth. Water and air played on for awhile unable to neither win nor loose at the game .Finally air guessed wrong leaving water the winner.

Water was very happy and with a grin on her face she disappeared. That year the world had heavy rains ,The rivers ran full and the crops prospered. Everyone new water had one the ancient game of chance.



About morningsinger3

I have been writing since I was in high school. My favorite forms of writing are ,horror, historical and fantasy fiction.
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