Questions answered DP

I do not know why these ten questions where so important they needed to be asked but that is what this Daily prompt to blog about is: so here goes. What is my favorite word ? inspiration, without it none of us would be writers. What is my least favorite word. Ignorance .The root and cause of most evil in the world is ignorance. What turns me on creatively, spiritually or emotionally hum, let me see! The desire to know or learn why something is the way it is! What turns me off. The not caring or no motivation to find out why.. My favorite curse word. Oh come on what kind of a question is that!!! OK I grew up in a house where foul language was forbidden. My father use to say if you used foul language it showed how little command of the English language you had.When I loose my temper I can come up with worse descriptions of things than a few foul words. I use the word crud where most people say foul words but I will tell you something.

Think of the worst word for someone you can think of now lets see is she a breeding female dog? now what if I said That person is a puddle of fresh cow manure and her boy friend is the maggot living off it. Now I really want you to think about it really which one is worse?

The sound or noise I love Barn yard sounds as the sun comes up. Sound or noise I hate. Helicopters and sirens.Profession I would like to try. Make up special effects artists like on face off. Profession I would not like to try professional ball player.

What I would want to hear god say when I got to heaven ? How about welcome!

OK I have answered the questions Honestly and not even politically corect so dose this give anyone  a insight into my soul or ?


About morningsinger3

I have been writing since I was in high school. My favorite forms of writing are ,horror, historical and fantasy fiction.
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