The excavation report 4013 Old Los Angeles.

 The year is 4013 the old los angeles site is finally safe enough for excavation and is being  analyzed. In the year 2015 old los angeles was berried in a major earth quake .Millions died and soon after it was discovered that the whole area was contaminated by the ancient use of unstable radiation,used in prehistoric energy sites. The site was condemned and off limits for the the next 1700 years. Approximately 300 years ago the area was opened to excavation ,but much of the area was and still is unsafe and contaminated by both radiation and other biological hazards.

While excavating a site thought to of been a primitive medical facility a form of primitive virus was contracted by the archaeological team of excavators.There is no none cure and eight of the ten team members have since died.This area will remain off limits to all teams until a way to sterilize the area has been developed. Another area that is safer has been excavated and the following discoveries and theories are now being published.

Area #1 is thought to of been a multiy layered dwelling . It is believed a number of families lived in a group of rooms built on top of each other. Each unit was a separate dwelling with a number of rooms. These were connected to corridors that gave residence access to the other dwellings and the outside.In an area under ground there seemed to be an enclouser where their forms of transportation was kept. These appear to of been machines that where powered by combustion. The main fuel to these appears to of been a refined highly flammable fossil fuel. We found a few sealed containers of this fuel and these are currently being analyzed in our labs.

The team is very excited about old photographs found in some of the dwellings. The picture record of the area, inhabitants and flora and fauna are invaluable to historians, anthropologists and botanists. Everyone involved in this project has agreed that the information and artifacts recovered have been well worth the risks .


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