Daily Prompt : FRIGHT NIGHT

I think I would be most scared to go hang gliding .I have always wanted to go but the fear has always stopped me.If I could just get up that cliff and jump. Then what? That’s the scary  part.

It would be fun to catch the updrafts, sore like a bird. Then glide over the earth.See the world from far above. Feel the wind and open space above me. The feel of gliding through the air,the wide open space. Oooh  kkkk.

Now here comes the fear. Wide open space yeah. Nothing below me . Nothing above me. Nothing on either side of me. Now that is where I start to get scared.

While I can imagine the beauty of it all.Doing something I would always remember and seeing the world from above, I just do not see me able to handle the fear of nothing around me.

If I ever got up the courage to do it I would probable have to have someone with me. At least the first couple of times. Some one who knew what they where doing and I trusted. Then I think I could do it. Who knows if I figured out how to Hang Glide with out being scared I would probable go all the time.


About morningsinger3

I have been writing since I was in high school. My favorite forms of writing are ,horror, historical and fantasy fiction.
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