Hunting fossils / playing a face book game.

Every day when I have been working on a group of articles I try to find a little time to play my favorite game on Facebook. I have been playing forbidden garden since they released it . I can not believe the graphics in that game . They are great.

Not only are the graphics great the color is really good to. The game is a mixture of science fiction, fantasy and adventure. When they give you a quest or task to do you have to work at it to pass it. As you move up in levels you get different mythical creatures to add to your garden and you raise them from an egg or pup. Every holiday they throw a quest in for so many days. If you complete the quest you get decorations that you can only get by completing the quest.

Taking a break from working every so often keeps my mind working. Siting in front of the computer looking for information to put in articles that do not interest me can be a nightmare sometimes. But it pays the bills.

If I can get away for a whole day I love to go fossil hunting. There are two areas near whee I live that have fossil deposits. One has beautiful fish and leaves , the other area have fossilized Camel bones as well as other type animal fossil bones.

Both areas are near creeks so I spend time looking for pretty stones too. I usually come back with three or four boxes of treasures from my day out . Some of them I make jewelry out of , some I put in my garden and some set on a book shelf until the shelf gets full. Then I pack them away and fill the shelf up again in the next few weeks.


About morningsinger3

I have been writing since I was in high school. My favorite forms of writing are ,horror, historical and fantasy fiction.
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