When the whit knights talking backwards and the red Queen’s lost her head

Take a line from a song that you love or connect with. Now forget the song, and turn that line into the title or inspiration for your post.

Take a line from a song that you love or connect with. Now forget the song, and turn that line into the title or inspiration for your post.

Remember what the doormouse said “keep your head!” Remember that one .That was a little while ago. I absolutely love that song! That was way before yellow submarine and the little nowhere man.He is another one of my favorites. What the words always meant to me is when the world has absolutely gone buckwheat around you and you can not make any sense out of it . Keep calm and be yourself and you will get through all. I know easier said then done.

Sometimes it really dose feel like the world has gone completely buckwheat. Nothing makes any sense and the more you try to straiten things out the more messed up they get. Especially in this day in age. Just try to get anything straitened out over the phone . Nine out of ten times you get to talk to a machine. This machine is supposed to be able to listen to what you are saying and help you. I do not know if this has ever had this happen to you but I usually get. I’m sorry I did not get that,can you repeat that. then after a few minutes of that you get please hold and I will connect you to one of our customer service people.

Now this is where it usually gets fun because you most likely are going to be on hold for about ten minutes with elevator music. Every few minutes a recording will come on saying that your call is important to them and will be answered in under 2 minutes. Now either when it has been about ten minutes a voice will come on saying thank you for using their company and have a good day, then a dial tone from being disconnected.The other option is this person that can barely speak english comes on the line and after another ten minutes of trying to understand each other you are suddenly informed that they are sorry but they are the wrong person to talk to and they will connect you to the right person.

This of coarse means you are going to listen to elevator music for another ten minutes with the same voice telling you that your call is important to them. ect. ect. ect. If at any time I ever call a company and get a real human on the phone the first time round I probable won’t know what to say. 

Another thing that will push you over the edge is trying to fill something out on the internet. I especially want to meet the person who invented that point and click birthdate thing! You click on a bar and the numbers come up on a bar. Now in the real world you are supposed to point at the number and click. What happens when it dose not work. It just keeps showing the days date.You can not type it in. The page is not set up for this. I have never found any of  those pages that work. One of the three parts just will not work. So you can come back and try later.you can send them a message which takes 3 to 7 days or you can forget about filling it out

So no matter how crazy the world is around me I try to make a joke out of it. I do a good job of keeping my head and laughing at the world. Sometimes I escape into writing. At least while I am writing it is my world and I have control over that much. That world can only be as crazy as I let it be. If it gets to out there I can delete the words and rewrite the ending.


About morningsinger3

I have been writing since I was in high school. My favorite forms of writing are ,horror, historical and fantasy fiction.
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