My goals for 2014 are to write two books that I have started, continue writing various  writing projects. Get my web page up and running so I can advertise me as a freelance writer looking for paid work

I think I can actually accomplish these goals in the coming year. I started the write a book in a month. I was really excited then after 25,00 words and 5 chapters one thing after another happened and i stalled out. So I won’t get it done this month. I set myself a goal of one maybe two chapters a month

I will get there and when I am done . I will set my self a goal of reread and edit 3 chapters a month. It will be done next year and then I will get it published. Then on to book two same plan. It will work.

the web site is up I just have to figure out how to point it to the write people looking for writers. Thats a big only I know but the next day I am not swamped with the five articles a day to write I will start figuring it out. i am going to continue writing on wordpress everyday unless something happens and I am to tiered or busy. I do not see that happening.

I told my self when I started this I will write at least 1 blog a day no matter what and so far I have kept it up. This is fun writing. This is what writing should be. Unfortunately I have got caught up trying to make some money writing 5 articles a day for people who need articles on subjects and key words and SEO words. That really is not writing. I find myself telling myself it is challenging to do this. But I get to the point where I want to scream on some of these articles

I will survive these jobs and get to write what I want to eventually. This writing right here right now is fun. This is what writing should be. I do not have to keep looking at the clock wondering if I will be done in time. I do not have to count words and I do not have to wonder if I am getting the information that they want.


About morningsinger3

I have been writing since I was in high school. My favorite forms of writing are ,horror, historical and fantasy fiction.
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