That is a scary thought. If you could hypnotize someone imagine the secrets you could learn and the truth about what the person actually thought about something.Every brother or sisters dream come true. Finally the truth comes out of who really snitched that xmas cookie forty years ago that you got in trouble for. Or did Santa Claws really leave those blackberry vine switches in those stockings or was it mom(mom would be me). Remind me not to let my children hypnotize me.

I can not really think of any one I would want to hypnotize.I have seen the shows where they hypnotize members of the audience and make them do stupid things,I have never seen this as entertainment but to each their  own. I have seen and read about people being hypnotized and regressing into their childhood. This was done to uncover repressed memories. Which I question because if the memory was so bad that the mind blocked it to save itself, what happens to the mind once it is recovered.

I have followed articles and shows where people under hypnosis recall past lives. Now these are interesting. The thing I question about this is how can all these people of been royalty of some ancient culture. They all seem to be either  princess or a king of the ancient world. Just recently there has been a number of past life slaves popping up all from the US, no other countries or times. Are these two groups of reincarnations the only ones that get to come back? Some how it just seems a little far fetched to me and I question that before the majority of these people where hypnotized there was not some kind of prompting.I would like to believe that some of these are true memories but there is no way you are going to ever convince me that they are all real.

I have read about law enforcement using hypnotism in extreme cases to try and get any information from witnesses or victims of crimes.the idea that the trauma caused the mind to block it.In some of these cases it has worked, they have been able  to remember something that helped law enforcement officers. no the more I think about I can not think of anybody I would want to hypnotize.


About morningsinger3

I have been writing since I was in high school. My favorite forms of writing are ,horror, historical and fantasy fiction.
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