The power of touch really is powerful. Have you ever looked at something and you can not help yourself, you have to touch it. You don’t even really think about it you just find yourself doing it. I collect ancient chinese jades. I see a really nice old piece of jade and I have to pick it up and touch it.

Ancient Jade has a variety of textures and properties. To begin with Jade is always cooler than the surrounding temperature. Jade objects that have been buried in the ground over the centuries have weathered. Some have been stained by the minerals in the ground, some have crystallization also known as chicken bone,others are just as smooth as the day they were buried. All these have textures as unique as the piece itself.

If the jade has been handed down from generation to generation and it is a piece that has been worn against a persons skin the jade will of absorbed body oil and will be as smooth and soft as satin.If it is a statue and has been touched repeatedly it will have the same texture as the piece that is worn.

Jade from China has a thick heavy feeling to it. While Jade from Burma has an almost plastic feel to it. Jade from africa has a more river stone feel to it. Jade from south America is a rougher feel when holding it in your hands.


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I have been writing since I was in high school. My favorite forms of writing are ,horror, historical and fantasy fiction.
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