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My learning style is interesting. If it interests me I can pick up information or how to do something very quickly and once I learn it it stays with me. If it dose not interest me I have a terrible time learning or remembering it. I learn better without a lot of people and when possible I like to read the information.

I was a school board member for 12 years at a elementary school that taught kindergarten thru the eighth grade. Many children have a hard time learning because they do not learn the same way and because they do not follow the text book the new teachers have been taught from.

 The modern methods they have been taught to use are average at best, and it was only getting worse when I qutie.The new teachers are not prepared to tech the child that falls outside of the text book. They are required at least under California certification to take a number of psychology classes. They are not taught to think out side the box.

More and more children are becoming labeled Special Ed children. Through no fault of their own this label will follow them from that moment on and it will be extremely hard for them to continue with their education after high school. Many of them because their desire to learn has been destroyed through the system do not want to continue their education. This is a very sad state of affairs. Many of these children are actually quiet intelligent and if they had been taught differently and their desire to learn encouraged and nurtured would of grown up quiet differently.

I volunteered at the school as well as being school board member. I helped in the special Ed class and through finding out how these children learned things and approaching teaching using this style we were able to bring most of the children up to their regular grade levels. We never gave up on these children and I still hear from some of them occasionally. To my knowledge many of them went to local jr. Colleges and the ones that did not go on to four year universities at least got their AA and certificates for the jobs they wanted.


About morningsinger3

I have been writing since I was in high school. My favorite forms of writing are ,horror, historical and fantasy fiction.
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