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Well I have the cliche we were poor when I was growing up. I am the oldest of seven so when it came to holidays and p-resents there really was no room for frivolous things. I had and still do have very wide feet for a girl. Shoes that where in style never fit me. My mother use to buy me sadel oxfords. Oh how I hated those shoes! All the other girls had all these new stylish shoes and they even had more than one pair.

Well one christmas my grandmother bought me a pair of denim and  wood clogs. Oh was I happy. I was absolutely happy. I just kept staring at those shoes. I would take them out and look at them and put them back in the box. Well my mother was not a bit happy about them . She told me what a waste of money they where. How stupid I was for leting my grandmother buy them for me.

Well when school started back after the New year I proudly wore those shoes to school. They did not last the day. By noon the denim had torn away from the wood bottoms. I cried the rest of the day. Of coarse the teacher did not get it. She kept telling me that my mother could take them back an get a me another pair because they where brand new. The store would take them back.

Well my mother took them back alright, but she did not get me another pair of those shoes . She got me saddle oxfords! To this day if a see a pair of those shoes I just cringe. Oh how I hate those shoes.


About morningsinger3

I have been writing since I was in high school. My favorite forms of writing are ,horror, historical and fantasy fiction.
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