Dailyprompt/DARING DO

I live in an area where Bear ans Mountain lion are a common occurrence. If fact the large creek that divides the valley I live in into two counties had an old mother mountain lion that every two years had and raised her babies not far from where I live.I think she is gone now I have not seen her or has any encounters with her in three years.

It was probably about may the weather had not turned really warm yet and my oldest grandson who is now 15 was about 6 or 7 months old. He was in a stroller in my front yard area and I was working on planting a patch of summer flowers in the flowerbed. All the animals on the place were busy making noise. I had every kind of poultry you could think of, pigs sheep and Imus. Then just like someone had flipped a switch everything was dead silent. This of course woke my grandson up and sensing something was wrong he immediately started crying. His crying woke my  dogs up that had all been taking their morning naps.

The two Rottweilers I had immediately went to my grandson. Nag was checking him to see that he was not hurt. Nageena was smelling the air on full alert. In the meantime my hounds had found the mountain lion and they could not get to it because it was on top of the house looking down at all of us. I grabbed the baby and ran towards  the house I was headed for the rifle by my backdoor.  I never made it that far. The lion chose that moment to jump. He knocked me to the ground hitting me side ways as he came down on my side and shoulder.

My dogs were quick to react but I wasn’t paying attention to them I was trying to protect my grandson by rolling all the way over on him. The lion was clawing my shoulder trying to flip me back exposing the baby.All of a sudden he wasn’t there hed been pulled away from me and I went into ballistic mode. I thought the lion had him. Not realizing that the lion was still on me I slung him off me and was on my feet screaming for my grandson who was screaming and crying and being held by the pajamas neck by Nage.

The hounds had the lion pined down and Nagaina was standing between Nage and the lion and the baby was still screaming.It was not over yet I made it to the backdoor and got the rifle. Afterwards I realized that poor Nage had been trying to get to Rodney to protect him and the way I had fallen and trying to rollover him had made it harder and harder for her to try and help. If I had left him in the stroller with the dogs he would of been safer and I could of got to the rifle while the dogs held the lion . Oh well Coulda……




About morningsinger3

I have been writing since I was in high school. My favorite forms of writing are ,horror, historical and fantasy fiction.
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