I would have to invent a machine that would not only take out pollution but it would have to regenerate the ocean and the land.Could you imagine waking up to a world that looked like it did 200 years ago. In all the major cities blue sky. In all the beach areas a clean sea full of marine life. No horrid petroleum smell in the LA area. I remember as a  little girl seeing the oil well drillers in peoples front yards down around the Redondo beach and Hawthorne area of Los Angeles. When those people had bought their homes they did not now enough to have bought the mineral rights to their property. The oil companies came in and put oil wells right in their front yards and there was nothing they could do.

My machine would have to repair all that. Then the rivers over the US into mexico where all the chemical companies moved. They would be clear running water again. That is just a drop in the bucket of what my machine would have to put back .But then what if the world is put back together  the way it was before mankind became industrialized and came up with all these wonderful things to make are lives easier. To give us longer more productive lives. To destroy harmful pests and gave us super fertilizers to grow more food.

Is Mankind going to give all that up to have a clean environment or is mankind going to keep right on going because after all when it gets bad again we’ll just turn on the machine again. Would  that really work? Would there be repercussions from using the machine over and aver again? We wouldn’t know until they happened.

Could we really even begin to think  that mankind would try to make the world a better place  and care about our environment when it would mean lowering most of their standard of living. Of dealing with diseases that where eradicated with chemicals that were written about in books like SILENT SPRING. I am sure many people will say oh yes we can do that no problem until someone they love is dyeing of malaria or sleeping sickness. Don’t any of you say those diseases weren’t here. Malaria was a prominent form of death in the United States up until the 1930’s.

Anyway I am getting way off track here and it is time to end this.


About morningsinger3

I have been writing since I was in high school. My favorite forms of writing are ,horror, historical and fantasy fiction.
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