Today the daily prompt said write about anything you want, but you had to include a cat, a beach towel and a bowl of soup. Well OK,I fed my cat a bowl of soup that I put down for her, on a beach towel. That was easy. What? OH! You want a little more with some imagination involved. Got it!


One Sunday morning I woke up early to go to yardsales. Just as the sun was coming up I got in my truck with my cup of coffee to go treasure hunting . I had a list of possibilities and was set to start when my two dogs jumped in the window of the truck. They were going too. So off we went.

The morning warmed up but we did not find much. Most of the things people were selling were house hold items and second hand cloths. I found a really pretty purple beach towel with rainbows on it for a quarter. A few fantasy books for a dollar and was about to stop for the day when I noticed I had missed one of the yard sales on my list.

My dogs had been really good enjoying the ride and waiting patiently for me when I got out at yard sales. They were getting tired of this now and started getting antsy. I knew of an area near the river we could stop at for a few minutes so they could get out and run around.

I parked at the top of a small hill near some trees and we walked down to the river. A little while later returning to the truck we found a large patch work cat waiting for us on the front seat! My dogs jumped in and after nosing and licking the cat sat down next to her ready to go.The cat had the most beautiful turquoise blue eyes.

We found the last house on the list and I parked by the walk way. The yard smelled of Jasmin and Roses. As I looked at the items on the table I noticed a large white Jade soup bowl. After asking how much they wanted for it and being very happy that it was not much (only five dollars) I bought it.Returning to the truck we headed home.

That night I made split pea soup and corn bread for dinner. Each of my dogs have their own bowl already . So I took the purple beach towel and folded it into a large square. I put the new soup bowl on top of it, full of soup for the cat to eat and we all sat down to dinner.

When we were done I got up from the table and turned around to see if the cat was done eating. The cat had disappeared and a patch work Turtle Dragon stood there finishing the soup!  My dogs and I sat at the table all night listening to the Turtle Dragon telling us Chinese Fairy Tales. As the sun came up she turned back into a cat with the most beautiful turquoise blue color eyes.

OK,now is that better!













About morningsinger3

I have been writing since I was in high school. My favorite forms of writing are ,horror, historical and fantasy fiction.
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