The character I would like to have a conversation with is Doctor Who. The Time Lord from the English series Doctor Who. I have been watching the series before it was popular in the United States. The whole story has been fantastic.

I would love to here some of his adventures that are not on the films. I would ask him what was his favorite adventure.I would also ask for a tour of the Tartas.

The idea of traveling through time and space at any point in time is really amazing. Think of the possibilities to be able to go to the beginning of time. See the universe start and evolve. Visit other worlds and cultures.I would ask him questions about his child hood, the things he did as a child.

If he kept a journal of his travels I would like to ask him if I could read it. I would also like him to explain to me how the different worlds and cultures evolved. I know that he could not begin to tell me about every world but I would like him to pick one or two from every universe he has visited.

I would be interested in learning how he chooses where to go. On other worlds what is he most interested in learning. I know that myself, I would have a very hard time choosing worlds and cultures to earn about because I would want to choose them all.

That is probably one of the reasons Time Lords regenerate. There would not be enough time in 100 life times to travel and learn as much as I would want to. Could you imagine what the libraries would be like on galafrey?


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I have been writing since I was in high school. My favorite forms of writing are ,horror, historical and fantasy fiction.
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