I mentioned the Cosmic Joker a few days ago in a blog I wrote . I decided to expand on the subject a little. Every culture in the world has a form of the Cosmic Joker. He comes in all shapes , sizes,colors and forms. He is the being that always keeps you humble and down to earth. He is the practical joker that gets you when you least expect it.

The cosmic Joker watches you struggling and working towards your goal and when you are just about there turns everything up side down. Hes the one that slips in and takes something you just had in your hand and laid down on the kitchen table a few minutes ago. When you come back to get it and put it where it belongs it isn’t there.So you spend the next hour looking for it and when you find it you can not figure out how it got there.

The cosmic Joker is the one who sneaked into the cu bored during the night and finished off the crackers, leaving the empty box there so you think there is still some left. He is the one who stood in front of the stove jumping up and down making the cake fall while you were in the other room.

Every culture has their own names for him. In Europe he is known as a house Brownie, A gnome ,a lepercon, a sprite, a wood imp, an imp,a ghost ect. ect. In Japan he can be called a house oni, or a ghost. In Hawaii they have their Mennohunie. Most of the south pacific Islands have their own name for the little being that causes mischief.

In India the lord Genghis was a practical Joker as a child and would continuously steal the butter. That got him in big trouble with his father. Also a god. He got his head cut off and then when his mother begged and pleaded to her husband to fix their son, his head was replaced with an Elephants head.

In the United States we have a mixture of all of them. Plus we have the native American’s Coyote the trickster along with what I use to call the three stooges. They are: I don’t know, Not me and I didn’t do it. I use to tell my children to catch those three and bring them to me know. I could of been a millionaire, if they ever had. Just think how much all the parents would have paid me to get their hands on those three!

Well I think you get the picture. No matter what you call him I think we all have had him pay us a visit no matter were we lived. I know he is always alive and well around me. He even is computer literate. He changes with the times.




About morningsinger3

I have been writing since I was in high school. My favorite forms of writing are ,horror, historical and fantasy fiction.
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