Levies Blue Jeans.

A  good old fashion pair of levies blue Jeans that are comfortable. Not so tight you can not bend over and not so they look like you have a dirty diaper on underneath. A pair of Rainbow suspenders worn over a colored long undershirt or flannel shirt and a sturdy pair of hiking boots and I am good to go.

I can not understand why anyone chooses to wear clothes that are not comfortable or falling around your ankles. when you try to walk. Why some women have to wear pants that are so tight that they can not sit down in them or have to use a shoe horn to fit themselves in them.

The material I would not be caught dead in is that stretchy stuff. Can they not see that every line, curve and bulge of their lower body is completely showing? Why even wear cloths if you are going to wear that? Come on leave something to the imagination!

Then there is the style that became popular when my children were young. Pants that the waist band goes around the bottom of their hips. I was standing in the hallway of their school one afternoon watching two boys walking away from me. A friend of mine was standing next to me . She just happened to be a teacher and the principal.

I asked her if she thought they realized that they looked like they had a dirty diaper on and needed to be changed. I never heard anyone laugh so much in my life. She agreed that it was exactly what they looked like!


About morningsinger3

I have been writing since I was in high school. My favorite forms of writing are ,horror, historical and fantasy fiction.
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