If you believe in the flower fairies you have to believe in the Garden Gnome. Personally I can say I definitely believe in both. Did you know that I watched a wonderful garden race one late summer afternoon in my garden a few years ago. I was honored to have been invited by one of my Garden Gnomes.

The race took place in my shade garden. Each Gnome was riding his racing snail. It was quit a sight. They had been training them for weeks. The flag was dropped and the audience cheered them on. They were pretty fast even for racing snails. They raced around my Hostas and through the Christmas roses. They glided over the Monks Hood up one side and down the other.  Then they hit the patches of Agura but that did not slow them down at all.

They plowed right through the shallow pond. The Polly wogs were not to happy . But the tree frogs cheered them on. They circled the Dog wood  bush and  headed back. They all finished with in a mouse whisker of each other. Then the arguments broke out because each declared themselves the winner. I have to say the race was too close for me to have said who actually was first over the finish line.

It was decided that another race would have to be run. This time their mounts would be field mice. It would have to be run by the light of the moon down in the orchard. But that race will have to wait for tomorrows blog. As for this one I was honored to have been invited.


About morningsinger3

I have been writing since I was in high school. My favorite forms of writing are ,horror, historical and fantasy fiction.
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