As the sun went down the racers lined up across the starting line. The mice were unruly. They were fidgeting and trying to get the riders off their backs. The only one who really had control of her mouse was miss Minni and miss Elizabeth. Both were riding black mountain mice.The two were sisters and had raised the mice since they were born. In fact they came from a long line of mouse raising gnomes.

Their reputations reached far out of the valley and their mice usually were very well tempered and good distance runners. They and their mice sat quietly at the starting line waiting for the other riders to get their mounts under control. When they had finally done this the flag was dropped and the mice were off.

At last most of them were. The house mouse and one of the barn mice had managed to slip their muzzle and were fighting each other. They were ripping at each other with teeth and claws. Their riders and some of the spectators were desperately trying to break them up. They were not having much luck .

The house mouse rider little Earl finally managed to get the muzzle back on his mouse. He and two other gnomes were pulling the mouse over to the tree by the side of the starting line. They tied it up and were looking at the wounds on its neck and chest. They looked pretty bad. Then out of no where the barn mouse grabbed Little Earl and tossed him against the tree. He hit the tree with a thump and slid down it. The barn mouse went after him ignoring the house mouse.

The barn mouses rider another Earl was screaming and hitting the barn mouse with the ridding crop he had.All the Gnomes who had been around the starting line ran to help. But the barn mouse had Little Earl by the neck and was now running off with him.

At this point I decided to get involved. I rushed after the mouse who was headed for the feed shed. I had my doubts that little earl was still alive but I was not going to let the barn mouse eat him. I caught up with the barn mouse just as it was slipping through the crack in the feed shed wall. I grabbed the end of the mouses tail as it disappeared and yanked it back out.





About morningsinger3

I have been writing since I was in high school. My favorite forms of writing are ,horror, historical and fantasy fiction.
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