Holding the mouse by the tail I shook it until it dropped Little Earl. while the Gnomes carried his body to the medical tent I held the mouse up and called a owl who was watching me hoping for a chance to take care of the situation. There was no more problem a few moments later.

I walked back over to the rock I had been sitting on just in time to see the mice disappearing around the trees heading for the half way point. I could not tell from here who was in the lead. Then something happened out of my sight. There was yelling and screaming and gnomes were rushing towards the screaming. I got up and hurried to see what had happened.

A group of racers were coming back into sight just as I got to the tree that was hiding what ever had happened. The race was still going and the racers were almost to the street. As I went around the tree and looked over to see what had happened I saw three riders on the ground and the tail of a fox disappearing into the Buck brush.

There was a cheer coming from across the yard and I figured the first of the racers must be coming close to the chicken house. There were even more cheers as the rider past the chicken house and headed by the pig pen. I walked back up to the rock and watched one of the Black forest or mountain mice come into sight. Then another Barn mouse came into view.

Thee mice were giving it their all as they raced for the finish line. The barn mouse had caught up to the forest mouse and it was anyone’s guess who would win. They were neck and neck, nose and nose all the way to the end. Then the black forest mouse stretched out his neck and crossed the finish line. Winning by a whisker!


About morningsinger3

I have been writing since I was in high school. My favorite forms of writing are ,horror, historical and fantasy fiction.
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