Spring is almost here


Spring is slowly coming and those of you who love to garden it is time to start thinking about this years garden. Whether your garden is big or small the place to start is the soil!

A few weeks before you actually plant anything you should rotter tiler the soil once. Then add compost and fertilizer to the soil.If you do not have a rotter tiler than take a shovel and turn the soil by hand. Then add your compost and fertilizer and turn it again. Keep working your soil until it is mixed in. This will take you awhile but it is necessary. If you do not have well aerated, fertil soil you will not have a good garden. The best plants and seeds in the world will not make a difference if you have poor soil.

This is also the time to add sand if you have heavy clay soil. Clay soil is actually very good soil if you can just open it up. The clay has a variety of minerals and trace elements in it that are beneficial to your garden plants. The trouble is the soil is so dense the plant roots can not grow well in the soil. Clay soil also has a habit of compacting into a very hard substance that nothing can grow in. By adding sand to the clay soil it will loosen the clay and keep it from compacting during the growing season. It is important to do this every year before you plant .


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