Another day at Blog University.

Today the lesson was to try three new themes on the site. I went through​ them and tried​ three. I decided I liked the one I have. There was nothing wrong with the ones I tried I just did​ not like them. So I will keep the one I have.

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The new Tagline

The new tagline , what I learned today was how to change my generic Tagline to my own. I chose what I learned today. It seemed appropriate. I have always enjoyed learning and ty to learn something new each day. wheater it is something grand and important or something small and insignificant. Look at this I have been on WordPress​ for awhile and had no idea how to change the tagline. At this rate, I may actually be able​ to do all the things that most people already​ know how to do on their blog site before I am through!

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Why I Am blogging

I am blogging to write. I like to write and usually, do the daily post challenge to be able​ to write on any subject that comes up. While I am mostly a fiction writer I like to try my hand at other things.

During poetry month I was writing​ poems on my blog. I am a memeber of Fanstory and wrote a poem a day during that month. Then they were put into a book which I have on my portfolio. that was quiet a challenge because I tryed to do short syllabel poems about the diferent habitats of nature.

The subject was too broad and I could not do all the different psarts of nature that should have been reconised. Then I have written short stories on this blog along with just a subgect I had something to say about. I am looking forward to completing the blog university classes on blogging.

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the writers block

It creeps up on you when you least expect it. You can sit down to write and get started then nothing. You had a great idea a minute ago but then it is just gone. you go back and read what you wrote before and still, nothing comes.

I have gotten into the habit of not pushing it. I find something else to do and pretty soon and idea will come creeping back in the back of my mind. A lot​ of times, I will see something out on the street that will work its way around and eventually​ come into its own as idea, for a story or poem.

the magazine submissions I write some of the ideas come right away. Sometimes the ideas take awhile. the magazine call for submissions usually post for the following month so I never feel pressed for time. I write ideas down sometimes actually write a story then go back and rewrite it. sometimes I never finish the one I started but have a better idea and go with that one. I eventually finish the original story and use it for something else.

One thing I know is that no matter how many times I try to get my self organized my mind dose not work like that. I have notes and half written stories all over the place. Some I will finish others probably not. then other times I can sirt down and write a whole story in a matter of hours.

The way I wriote is my own and even though it sounds odd it works for me.

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Daily Prompt: Eyes

via Daily Prompt: Eyes

The eyes are often referred to as the window to the soul. True or not it does have some merit behind the saying.Think about it. What is the one thing that a person looks at and gets feelings from? The eyes.

The eye represents watching, knowing , observing what is happening around them. In ancient mythology, the god Oden traded​ his eye to the powers that be so that the crow or Raven could fly into the world and tell Oden all that they saw. Thus the large black bird became a sign of foreboding​.

The eye has been represented in horror stories from a creature that comes in the fog to a demon​​ type spirit consisting of an enormous​ round eye with tentacles​ . At the end of each tentacle​ an eye.

Science fiction creatures that are drawn and designed may be missing all other forms of human anatomy but somewhere on them, there is an eye. Most have more than two. Many are compound type eyes.

There are songs and poems about eyes. Do you remember songs and poems about ears, toes​ or how about noses? You can always find an eye in mythology, folk tales or suspense tales. You can change the whole mood of a story or movie describing a certain look​ someone is giving another character, There are as many types of eyes and looks as there are stories.

Could you imagine using the nose or ears like that? the reader would think the writer was crazy. Yes, you can use an action with the nose, but it dose not work as well as a certain look from the​ eye.

For example:

The beast lay there unable​ to get up. Terri walked over and gingerly sniffed at it. The little dog then wrinkled its nose and walked away.

Compared to,

The beast lay there unable​ to get up. Terri walked over and with sharp little button eyes examined the carcass​​. Then squinting against the sunlight walked away.

Which gives you a clearer picture in your mind. Of course, the best thing would be to combine the two and add a few of the other senses to the paragraph.

Adding and taking away colors to eyes can say a lot more to the reader then a paragraph​ of words. Eyes are and always have been very important​ to all the cultures of man throughout time.

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My newest story in print

The people that publish thesirenscallpublication have excepted another of my short horror stories. It will appear in the next online issue of The sirens call. I want to thank them again for excepting it. For those of you who have not read or seen the online horror magazine please visit their site and read the stories. The online magazine has a number of very good stories in each issue. They also feature fantastic horror and sciense Fiction artwork.

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NaPoWritting month

a 5-7-5 poem




Bilby catches bug

Dingo cry, Emu dances

Thorny Devil runs

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