You hear about it all the time. People who use the concept seem to be on a different level than others. If you try to find out about it the concept can be overwhelming. There are so many parts and they want to know your life element, your directional number. Then the more you try to learn the more confusing it gets. I am going to try to break it down for you.  Once you get the foundation  concept the rest will start to make sense. It is like learning anything. Start simple and build on it.

Fist of all Feng Shui is the balance of everything around you. It is energy, spiritual and physical. The three become one if used correctly. They all surround you. That is why you are the only one that can work on the Feng Shui of your home, garden and life.

To start with one needs to take a step back further to the concept of Ying and Yang. I am sure many of you have hers the term. But do you understand the concept?

Ying and yang are the cosmic forces that must balance each other. Ying is considered to be light, elegant and flighty. It is also considered to be the feminine part of the two. Yang, on the other hand, is heavy, strong, demanding and considered to be the masculine of the two.When the two combine they become one. They are the strongest force in the universe. In order to combine they must be in perfect balance. This is where Fung Shui comes in. It is the balancing force that combines the two.

Once you understand that concept it will make it easier to understand the next concept. You will also begin to understand how Feng Shui works.Feng Shui is affected by everything in your environment. From the way your home is designed and laid out to the trees in your garden. There are as many variable things affecting the Feng Shui around you then there are grains of sand in the desert.



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I have been writing since I was in high school. My favorite forms of writing are ,horror, historical and fantasy fiction.
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